Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cake Truffles

Recipe borrowed from Beti Vanilla at Beti Vanilla

I made these cake truffles because they seemed so delicious.I was right.This recipe is addictive.It is now my favourite food.They don't look as stylish as they should have been.They're so easy to make.So its worth a try.
You should have seen the frequency with which they got over.I kept going to the fridge to eat them.I would borrow Lays's slogan "Noone can eat just one" as it seems completely applicable to this dish.


crumbled cake - 2 c.

chocolate frosting-1/2 c.cream cheese-60 g.
bittersweet chocolate 200 g.
1. Mix the crumbled cake with already softened cream cheese and the chocolate frosting. 
2. Make small balls with the mixture and freeze them for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile melt the chocolate.
3. Remove the cake balls from the freezer and carefully cover them with the chocolate. Decorate with sprinkles or cookie crumbs.
Tip:You can use any cake and even if you don't have cream cheese its okay.I didn't get cream cheese so I used cheddar.But its better if you don't use cheese at all if you don't have cream cheese.


  1. I'm glad that you tried them and really enjoyed them, they look pretty good and you should definetly try them with cream cheese, they are really addictive

    1. I wanted to try it with cream cheese.but we don't get cream cheese here.You're right they are really addictive.I couldn't stay away from.I would eat some, come back and them go back to eat some more.