Thursday, 22 December 2011

Girl In A Gown Cake

I know this cake could look a little more better.Especially if the girl was wearing clothes that matched the icing.And the photography could be improved.But it tastes really good.I planned to use a barbie doll.But barbie looks so small on this cake.It would look as if the barbie was wearing a huge gown.
Cake Flour(Maida)- 100gm
Butter                    - 100gm
Eggs                      -  2

Sugar                     - 100gm(powdered)
Baking powder      -  1 tsp
Sugar Crystals       -  25gm(for caramelising)

For icing
Fresh Cream    - 2 cups
Icing Sugar       - 1 cup  or as required
Cocoa Powder
A Doll for decoration

Beat the butter and sugar until the sugar dissolves completely.Separate the eggs and add the yolk to the butter.Slowly beat up the eggs until the mixture is smooth.Sift together the flour, and baking powder.Put some sugar in a pan and caramelise it by heating directly and melting it until it browns slightly.Now add the flour to the batter and mix well.In a separate bowl beat the egg whites until the egg white becomes firm.Now add the egg white to the the cake batter and fold.Be careful to only fold and not beat the mixture.For making this cake you need round cake tins of different size.The sizes must decrease.Prepare the tins by buttering and putting some flour on them.Pour the batter into the tin and bake in a preheated oven.The temperature and time varies according the oven.Once the cakes are baked arrange the cakes in decreasing order of their heights one on top of the next.

For icing
Beat together the fresh cream and sugar.beat it for a long time until the mixture becomes thick.Now see if it is sweet enough.If not add more sugar until the mixture is sweet.Since we need white icing and chocolate icing you must separate some of the icing into another bowl.Into the bowl with more icing add the cocoa powder.Then check if the sweetness is correct.If not add more sugar.
Now put the smallest cake on top of the medium cake and the medium cake on top of the big one.In order to insert the doll cut a small portion at the centre of the smallest cake.Now,Apply the chocolate and white icing alternately on the cakes.On the Chocolate part put small dots of white icing and vice versa.Now insert the doll slowly into the gap created at the top.

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