Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sourdough Bread Endeavour Day 1

 Recipe from The Kitchn

Yes, it's the great Sourdough Bread Endeavor. Don't know what that is? No worries cause I just invented that term a few minutes ago! My friend , Namitha of My Family And Me had posted a bread recipe. And that lead me check on a variety of breads. I had no idea there were so many breads. After a few minutes of looking at the recipes I settled on the Sourdough bread. Now, my tryst with the Sourdough Bread is years long starting from me watching the Home Alone 3 movie where the lady next door, whose name I forget, had brought  'The Famous San Francisco Sourdough Bread' and instead of bringing it home she had accidentally picked up the wrong baggage which had a toy car instead. Of course that's the reason the whole movie is there. So, as a kid watching the movie I was fascinated with the name imagining all kids of flavours wondering what that bread tasted like. We of course do not get any bread other than plain white bread and occasionally wheat bread here. So, I had always wanted to try that one.

And I met the Sourdough bread again just today while looking for bread recipes. And the whole recipe seemed challenging. And challenges are something I love. So, deciding to start making the bread, I began The Sourdough Bread Endeavour. I call it an endeavour cause it takes days to make and I am someone with
a patience that can last only upto minutes. Making something that takes like a week is indeed going to be a challenge for me. Here's the deal, the bread requires making a Sourdough starter, which seems really cool and is the main reason the recipe takes days. The starter is simple, it's the equivalent of using yeast in other breads, but only, in this recipe we don't put yeast but have the yeast naturally develop in the mixture. Yeast as you all know is a bacteria so, it present in the air around you like most bacterias. The thing about the sourdough starter is that we mix flour and water, aerate it and keep it closed, not tightly, so that the yeast bacteria in the air can settle on the flour mixture. Once the bacteria settles, it takes the flour as food and begins to grow. And after it does, each day we have to keep adding flour and water. After about a week the mixture will look frothy and it's ready to start baking. Unless the case it has gone bad if it turns pink or so. And with the six day endeavor I am off to make this sourdough starter. I hope you'll like this and perhaps try it as well?

So, today what I did was:

1/2 cup Flour
1/2 cup Water

Take the lukewarm water and mix the four in it until no lumps and formed and all the flour in absorbed. Just beat it for a bit so that air is slightly formed in it. Close it with a lid and wait. It forms like the picture I posted. And wait for the next day!

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