Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sourdough Bread Endeavor

I'm sure you might be wondering what had happened to my endeavor. Of course it was supposed to work. Had I told that before I had gone on this endeavor I was told that it would simply go bad cause the climate here is more humid and flour with just water in it really tends to go bad. Did I listen? Nope. I was just too sure of myself that I really thought it would work. And so, the next day as I opened my lid I saw the liquid all bad and yellow. And I had to throw it out. And so out went the Sourdough Bread Endeavor!!! I think that perhaps i'll have to start with easier breads instead if the tough ones. So, i'm still searching for other good recipes but most of them seem to require starters. And when I find something as cool as this, i'm sure going to start again!

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