Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring Break Specials

Spring Break!!! That time of the year when you're a free kid! I just love spring breaks, We call it Summer Break here in India. I think, cause it's Summer here. Well, the indian seasons are kinda confusing (for me!). We have Monsoon (which is when the rain comes.) and no Autumn, and very little Winter. And non eof them come in the right time as well. Like I said, confusing. Anyway, the break is when we have lots of time and practically nothing to do. So, I make lots of projects so I don't get bored.. Implementing them is another matter because mostly I have little attention span which means I end up not completing stuff I began . And as usual I have some recipes to try. I have a year long if recipes to try and with all the free time i'm getting I'm going to use them to get back to trying all of them out. And trust me it's a looong list. I haven't had had muse (yes, you need muse to cook.) to try these recipes but I'm gonna try them out now. So, what are these wonderful recipes, you may ask. I have a list which contain basically everything, from indian ones to international, from desserts to spicy savory dishes, you get the idea......These recipes are mostly from other blogs (unless otherwise said). I'll be posting the links as I make each of them. Of course i'll be substituting a lot of ingredients. The most important skill you get from living somewhere where you get very little ingredients
is the ability to find substitutes for almost any ingredients. Some may work, like when I substituted fresh cream for heavy cream, or some may turn to be disasters, like when I used a blended version of cheddar cheese instead of cream cheese. The way I see it, you either get a cool recipe or something to laugh about. That's a win-win situation,right? Some of these recipes may seem complicated and it would seem i'm crazy to try them out! But i'm going to anyway. Like th So, I'm going to go ahead and post that list of mine!

1. Southern Mac (a recipe given by my friend :3 )
2. Paneer Tikka (recommended by another friend. )
3. Chai Ice Cream.
4. Spaghetti
5.French Silk Pie
6. Pandesal
7. Lemon white Chocolate Creme Brulee
8. Super Easy Velvety Chocolate Pots
9. Big Soft Ginger Cookies
10. Chewy Chocolatey Cookies
11, Baguette
12. Strawberry Cheesecake
13. Lemon Cheesecake
14. Chocolate Truffles
15. Yule Log
16. Minced meat pies
17. French Butter Cookies

So, let's get started with these recipes!!!


  1. Looks like we are in for a treat...I might visit u soon..:)

  2. Thanks! You're welcome anytime. Make sure you come with an empty stomach! ;)