Sunday, 17 March 2013

Princess Cake

 This cake was made for my cousin's birthday. It has three cakes. One smaller than the previous one. The top is a barbie doll. The icing is cashew icing. The icing has used peanut powder.The silver beads are made
of sugar and can be brought from most stores. Its a really simple cake to make.


Flour   - 200 g
Butter: - 200 g
Egg:    - 4
Sugar  - 200 g
Cocoa Powder -  40 g
Vanilla Extract   - 2 tsp
Bicarbonate of Soda - 1/2 tsp
Baking Powder  - 1 tsp


 Peanut Powder

Beat together the butter and sugar. Separate the egg white and yolk. Beat the egg white separately until white and fluffy. Then, Add the egg yolk to the butter and sugar mix. Beat them together well. Sift well the flour , bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, and the cocoa powder. Add this to the butter mixture. Add the well beaten egg whites to this mixture. After adding the egg whites, the mixture must not be beaten. It must only be mixed together.

For the icing peanut is made, This can be the store brought one or the one you can make at home. Its simply to make. Just put peanuts in a blender and grind well. Add sugar to this and mix well. It'll form a thick paste. Add food colour to get the pink colour..

After baking the cakes, put them, one on top of the other. It is best to use some icing in between the cakes. Make a small hole in the center of the top most cake in order that the doll maybe inserted. Then pipe the icing out. It is good to add some icing on the doll so that it can look more real.

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